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help us pls

help, help us. 
I am a family of 5 children 
My father and my mother are all dead. 
I have 22 years and I am the owner of the patent, but the lack of money, I could not continue my studies. 
2 years ago I could work and save and resume my studies, but not for lomgtemps, because funds were exhausted. 
I also have a sister and 3 brothers who have the same problem schooling. 
Our future worries me. even for the eating is a problem. we are in a very poor country 
Can you find me a foster family that we could adopt and we've helped me and my little brothers to continue our studies. 
I ask all people of good vonlontés kindly help us. 
May the God Almighty give you a hundredfold your well done. That Allah protects you 
I loved Désiré Kabore. I live in a village called nadion in Burkina Faso 
   I expect your sincere response. Thanks and have a great day. AIME desire KABORE

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