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Re: Debian parisc config for 2.6.26 broke the real time clock

On Sat, Sep 06, 2008 at 10:06:26AM -0500, James Bottomley wrote:
> Parisc is a CONFIG_GEN_RTC architecture (we use the generic real time
> clock driver).


>                 Starting with 2.6.26, debian is now enabling
> CONFIG_RTC_CLASS (for platforms with specific RTC drivers) which
> disables CONFIG_GEN_RTC and means that hwclock (and ntp tracking) are
> broken on parisc with debian kernels 2.6.26 and above.

Yes. Most arches already needs it anyway.

> All of the arch/parisc/config files get this right, so someone at debian
> must have screwed up somehow.  The config option CONFIG_RTC_CLASS must
> be set to 'N' for all parisc systems.

Apparently hppa uses its special rtc type.  I propose that you take a
look at drivers/rtc/rtc-ppc.c and write a wrapper rtc module.

>                                        I'd suggest checking the debian
> kernel configs against the in-tree default files to see if there are any
> other cockups like this.

If there are, this are bugs in the kernel themself. I'm no hppa
developer so I won't waste my time with such.


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