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Re: Guile FTBFS on hppa - problem in detecting stack direction?

Greg Troxel escreveu:
>> Just because something is part of some ABI is no reason to not try to
>> autodetect it. It's an elementary philisophical idea behind autoconf
>> (and one of its biggest advantages in my POV) that you do not check for
>> the system but for its features[1].
>> This allows it to support most new platforms for most programs out of
>> the box (and not fail if anything changes anywhere).
>> There are some reasons to sometimes depart from that rule, when things
>> are too hard to check or too subtle to break. But just that this
>> information can be deduced from some triplet in alone is no reason at
>> all.
> Another consideration is being able to do cross builds, and for that one
> should avoid AC_TRY_RUN.

Cross builds need a slew of overrides anyway. As long as the macro provides 
a way to override from the environment, cross-builds should not be a problem. 

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