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Re: Bug#483266: hdbc-sqlite3_1. FTBFS: segmentation violation

lamont@debian.org wrote:
> Package: hdbc-sqlite3
> Version:
> Severity: serious
> There was an error while trying to autobuild your package:
>> Automatic build of hdbc-sqlite3_1. on penalosa by sbuild/hppa 98
>> Build started at 20080527-2141

Hi Lamont,

This is not manifesting itself on any other architecture.  I am not
certain if the bug is in hdbc-sqlite3, its test code, sqlite3, hugs, or
something platform-specific on hppa.  According to db.debian.org, there
are no hppa development machines I could access.

Would you be able to do a debug build and run the test under gdb, or
alternatively give me access to an hppa machine with hugs and
libhugs-hdbc installed?

I am not presently aware of any packages in Debian that use the Hugs
hdbc-sqlite3 code (everything uses the GHC version).  It may even make
sense to binNMU this, commenting out the hugs test, which would allow
the other packages that use the GHC hdbc-sqlite3 code to migrate into
lenny.  I could ordinarily make a new release doing so, but that would
complicate things given the freeze.


-- John

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