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Re: hppa release status

Kyle McMartin wrote:
> Anyway, I don't particularly much care for stable releases. I have no
> problems with HPPA being punted from lenny and existing only as sid, as
> long as people still take patches to fix the issues without the
> "release-critical bug" burden over their heads.
> Holding up Debian because of a minority of people with a small amount
> of time to work on things doesn't seem entirely fair.

This could mean losing D-I support for hppa.

The whole D-I infrastructure is built around having a usable testing. If 
hppa abandons stable releases and thus is no longer included in testing, 
I personally will immediately stop investing any energy in hppa D-I and 
may argue for dropping it, especially if nobody else takes any interest.

I also doubt that Debian in general will allow architectures to only have 
a presence in unstable. It's much more likely that hppa would at some 
point be relegated to http://www.debian-ports.org/.


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