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J5600 and D-I testing (was: hppa release status)

Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> J5600? D-I uses 32bit hppa kernel, doesn't it?

You say that as if that's supposed to be a problem, but let me set your 
mind at ease :-)

1) D-I has both a 32-bit _and_ 64-bit kernel. It's just that 32-bit is the
   default. But if you choose to interact with IPL during boot, you'll see
   the 64-bit kernel and changing to that is trivial.
2) My J5600 boots fine with both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels. I mostly do
   my D-I tests with 32-bit, but sometimes 64-bit. The kernel I use for my
   installed system is normally the 64-bit SMP flavor.

The systems has 2 CPUs and 3 SCSI disks, which makes it a nice platform 
for installation tests as I can reserve 1 disk for the installed system 
and use 2 for e.g. installation tests using software RAID (with encrypted 
LVM and sugar on top ;-)

OTOH, the VirtualBox emulator on my desktop is still a hell of a lot 


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