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Re: developer accessible machines

> I am working at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria and we have
> (currently) one HPPA machine standing around I could sponsor to the Debian
> Project.
> What are the steps, we need, to make this official?

The problem isn't lack of machines, it's lack of a known good kernel 
package for the existing machines. My understanding is that it needs to 
stand up to a buildd, have all security fixes, and be installable on etch. 
Nobody seems to be working on making one though :( In the past I was able 
to make newer kernels from unstable install on paer with some backported 
tools and working around stuff in postinst, but I haven't tried lately. If 
someone could come up with a nice recipe on how to do this we could use it 
for the existing machines.

Matt Taggart

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