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Re: Bug#458133: Details, please

* Sune Vuorela <debian@pusling.com> [071231 17:26]:
> If people want to create patches for the unaligned load/store they are most 
> welcome to do so. I don't plan to.

Please note that there are architectures where emulating unaligned
accesses is not possible (AFAIK at least sparc), many architectures
also have this with some special accesses (I heared rummors that
MMX access on i386 also needs aligned access, so a future better
optimizing gcc may also cause it to fail on i386).
Also most behaviour causing unaligned access is usually playing dirty
tricks invoking undefined C behaviour, so a better optimizing compiler
(or even already existing compilers when some other things change a
little bit, for example by also breaking aliasing in funny ways) may
cause the program to go havoc.

For all of those reason I personally consider any buildd setup broken,
where such catchable unaligned does not cause a bus error. (That is only
my personal opinion, though I personaly tend to get very personal when
discussing this).

	Bernhard R. Link

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