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Re: Only 2 port maintainers?

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
On Sun, Oct 28, 2007 at 04:32:51PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
Matthew Wilcox wrote:
I'm not volunteering.  I have no motivation to work on Debian in any
meaningful manner.  I long ago lost common cause with the hard-core
Debian folks who value ideological purity over providing a useful system.
Hmm, either I'm not hard-core or things have changed since :-)

Or maybe you are hard-core and nothing's changed?

 - GFDL docs still in non-free?  Check.

Only if they contain Invariant Sections which means for instance that Gnome and KDE docs are in main...

 - firmware still considered as program, not data?  Check.
 - Definition of 'software' stretched to mean 'any set of bits' rather
   than 'program'?  Check.
 - 'Editorial changes' still in place in social contract?  Check.

None of this is something which is decided by Debian hard-cores, but by the majority of the project...

Though you're free to do what you want, I think you would be a valuable
port maintainer...

Probably.  I was valuable before.  I have no enthusiasm for working with
a bunch of people whose attitudes are so disjoint from mine.  I derive
much more pleasure from working on non-Debian projects (many of which
are upstream for Debian, so in a way I still contribute, but not in a
way which brings me into contact with the idiots who control Debian).

Ok, I respect your decision.



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