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Re: kernel glib catch-22

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 03:05:11PM -0700, Curtis Cooley wrote:
> I've got a B2000 running debian HPPA linux, but I can't seem to
> update/upgrade it any more. When I try to update the kernel,
> 2.6.8-3-32-smp, it says I need new glibc libraries, but the new glibc
> libraries claim they need a 2.6.9 kernel or later. Any ideas how to get
> around this?

Which glibc are you currently using?  It should work to upgrade to
etch's glibc, then etch's kernel, then reboot to use etch's kernel, then
upgrade to lenny's glibc.

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a retrograde step."

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