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MMU I/O Kernel panic 4.0_r1

Server HP9000 d370 861 single 8000 processor (64)

RAM 512M

NO EISA cards attached

Existing HPUX 10.x

Four 4.3G SCSI hot swappable - and I have pulled all but the one used with the primary boot path from existing OS
(Is this a problem since they were Mirrored?)

Firmware 38.x (I think) - Not yet Upgraded to 42.x (due to Tape drive not loading cartridge but claimed as device, and have the firmware ready)

If I use PALO IPL settings -
/vmlinux32 gets me the furthest.
/vmlinux64 crashes early (thinking firmware here)
with Ramdisk (default=12579') Just after the installer searches for drives and begins loading:
I get Kernel panic: drivers/parisc/ccio-dma.c  ccio_alloc_range() I/O MMU is out of mapping....

Have already read this -
and since it was prior to etch don't know if it really still applies - Or is it intrinisc to my dumbass not knowing what ramdisk size I should use - If I should change it - up/or down or leave it alone, or how it gets set in the first place.

Have read this  -
and would whacking the SCSI partitioning - (per - The new scheme: mounted partition) work - Or is it intrinsic to my dumbass not knowing whether to use a /dev/sda partition solution be better

Some solid recommendations to de-mystify this would be greatly appreciated since this box is too big for me to throw out the window without needing traction for years to come....

0. Use existing disk partitioning/Mirroring and do an etch dance
1. Use new disk partitioning method with /dev/sda not ramdisk
2. Use Ramdisk - but change the size based on __________ to __________
3. Wait until updates to ETCH are posted?
4.  Use gentoo instead

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