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Re: HELP: Problem booting Etch 4.0R1 on K250 ... (fwd)

Ooops, make that an HPPA K200 (K200: Kittyhawk - 9000/819) ... I looked a little closer at the box, and it says K200 on the back of the door on the front panel ... so I guess 32bits was a good guess 8-), still having the boot glitch though ... help??

Booting 4.0R1 on HPPA K250, I get a boot (albeit a 32bit kernel by default), and boot messages end at:

	Freeing unused kernel memory: 328K freed.

And the rest is ... silence.

Should I be interacting with the IPL, and asking for a different boot command? I'm a relative NOOB with Debian, as I primarily run 'BSD, but I've got a few Ubuntu systems up and running, and would like to run Etch on this (could be) very useful box. This behaviour is similar to the 4.0R0 release, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong ??

Oh, btw: the Gentoo release boots up to a user prompt, and seems to work, but I don't have the time/resolve to go that route, if I can get Debian working ...


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