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Re: help needed on installing Debian 4.0 on A180C

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 12:51:03AM +0200, Angelo Machils wrote:
> Hello,
> I just got 3 working A180C's from work which weren't used anymore and I 
> wanted to install Linux on them. But I'm having some problems installing 
> 4.0r0 from DVD. After booting properly and going through the language and 
> country settings the system looks for a CD-ROM drive and then it just 
> stops. No errors message what-so-ever.

I suspect an HPMC (High Priority Machine Check) when some driver gets
loaded and it pokes around where it shouldn't. I'm not sure how to
avoid this offhand but expect some "expert mode" would allow one
to mount the DVD (it's SCSI I assume) from shell prompt.

> Installing from the 3.0r4 DVD I had around seems to go without problems.

Yeah, that's fine. Just "apt-get dist-upgrade" after appropriately
editing the /etc/apt/sources.list file.

> I'm using a HP external SCSI DVD-ROM drive and using a HP serial console 
> connected to the system.
> Another question, I have a PCI IDE/SATA controller card lying around which 
> I tried in one A180C, the card is seen by the box (as RAID) but not the 
> drive connected to it. Is this at all possible and/or should I use a SATA 
> drive instead of the IDE I tried this with?

It can't be used at the boot device and none of the IDE/SATA controller
drivers are tested on parisc. It would be interesting to know which controller
it is you have and whether it works - but only if you have time to fool
around with something that might not work at all.


> Thanks in advance for your help/tips!
> With kind regards,
> Angelo
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