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Re: install debian 4.0 to HP A180

On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 10:35:21AM +0300, Mike Pechkin wrote:
> hi,
> I need help, screen hangs
> server: HP A180
> os: Debian 4.0 DVD image
> console: HP Web Secure console at serial port
> 1. download DVD image, burn it
> 2. plugin external HP DVD ROM
> 3. boot from CD
> 4. select language and region
> 5. hardware detect, searching CDROMs
> 6. <screen hangs>

I think you want to go straight into "expert" mode
and avoid the auto searching "HW Detect" step.
Sounds like some driver is getting loaded that
shouldn't and is wedging the box. 

If you can switch to pty/2, you could see what
the last output is.

Also, look for "ser pim" output from the firmware command line.
Do "ser clearpim" first, boot from DVD, wait for it to crash,
then check "ser pim" again. I"m hoping that can provide
enough info to figure out which driver is causing the problem.

> I've tried this setup:
> 1. boot from CD, Interact with IPL (Y, N, or Cancel)?> y
> 2. add nolangchooser and moon to the boot string
> 3. boot and hangs again

Just interrupt the menu with <esc>. Eventually, IIRC, one should
land in the "expert" menu to select the next step.

At the bottom of this webpage:

It describes how to blacklist specific drivers and avoid loading
particular drivers.


> how to add nolangchooser to correct place and boot??
> --mpech

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