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Re: booting L2000 from netinstall image and netboot fails with panic

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 08:18:47PM +0200, Christian Hilgers wrote:
> Grant Grundler schrieb:
> >2) answer "y" to "Interact with Boot loader" question.
> >   entire the number of the last parameter (as if you wanted
> >   to edit that paramter. _append_ "pdcchassis=0" to disable
> >   the OS from sending chassis codes to the firmware.
> >   This avoids the VFP from preempting the normal console output.
> Really strange.
> I added  pdcchassis=0 earlier not at the end so that the commandline
> was
> Kernel command line: root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=12580 pdcchassis=0' 
> console=ttyS0 TERM=vt102 palo_kernel=0'0/vmlinux
> These elroy messages were still there:
> SBA found Astro 2.1 at 0xfffffffffed00000
> Elroy version TR3.0 (0x4) found at 0xfffffffffed30000
> Elroy version TR3.0 (0x4) found at 0xfffffffffed32000
> Elroy version TR3.0 (0x4) found at 0xfffffffffed34000
> Elroy version TR3.0 (0x4) found at 0xfffffffffed36000
> allocation failed: out of vmalloc space - use vmalloc=<size> to increase 
> size.

The "pdcchassis=0" just prevents VFP from clobbering output to the console.
All output still gets put into dmesg buffer and into the console management
card's log. Thus, the output is still available with "cl".

This "allocation failed" warning is a seperate issue.


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