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Re: [parisc-linux] -pie is broken on hppa

On 6/2/07, John David Anglin <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca> wrote:
> Ok, I applied the first fix, and now -pie exe are working again !!!

Hope that update gets installed ASAP.

> > > #else
> > >          /* load main (1st argument) */
> > >          ldil    LR'.Lpmain, %r26
> > >          ldw     RR'.Lpmain(%r26), %r26
> >
> > This is also wrong although it might work.  Should be
> >
> >     addil   LR'.Lpmain-$global$, %r27
> >     ldw     RR'.Lpmain-$global$(%r1), %r26
> I tried to fix this but it only resulted in a crash for linking with gcrt1.o and crt1.o.

Hmmm, puzzled by this.

> For my information, where are described the calling convention used by gcc ?

There are not described directly anywhere.  We generally follow the
conventions used under HP-UX and described in the runtime documents
for HP-UX 10 and 11.  This page has links to the HP runtime documents.


However, there are some differences because the GNU and HP tools
have somewhat different capabilities.  For example, the HP assembler
and linker can handle a difference of a local code symbol and an
external code symbol.  Thus, external pc-relative calls can be done
with the HP tools.  This doesn't currently work with the GNU tools.

There's no PIE support under HP-UX, so I wouldn't be surprised if
other issues arise.

Just a note, I did an apt-get update on one of my systems last night
and this is caused problems with svn.  See


I am swamped with work, otherwise I would be ontop of this issue, I
don't have enough free time to look at this right now. I might be able
to in a couple of weeks.


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