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Re: [parisc-linux] -pie is broken on hppa

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 09:05:18AM -0400, John David Anglin wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I discovered that the breakage of portmap on hppa is related to the
> > -pie linkage.
> > Every program linked with the -pie option segfaults at start.
> > Unfortunately, portmap is unconditionnaly built with this option.
> > I suspect nscd is in the same case.
> This problem was fixed sometime ago.  I don't see it with libc6
> 2.3.6.ds1-13.  Also, nscd doesn't segfault on my system.  Make sure
> the libc6 and binutils packages on your system are up to date.

Here is the relevant parts:
ii  binutils                        2.17cvs20070426-8
ii  binutils-hppa64                 2.17cvs20070426-8
ii  gcc                             4:4.1.2-2
ii  gcc-4.1                         4.1.2-8
ii  gcc-4.1-base                    4.1.2-8
ii  gcc-4.1-doc                     4.1.1.nf3-1
ii  gcc-4.1-locales                 4.1.2-10
ii  gcc-4.2                         4.2-20070528-1
ii  gcc-4.2-base                    4.2-20070528-1
ii  gcc-doc-base                    4.1.1.nf3-1
ii  libc6                           2.5-9
ii  libc6-dbg                       2.5-9
ii  libc6-dev                       2.5-9
ii  libgcc1                         1:3.3.6-15
ii  libgcc4                         4.2-20070528-1

This is unstable. A few days ago, the unstable switched to the 2.5 glibc.
Testcase is as follow:
seb$ cat hello.c
#include <stdio.h>

int main( void ) {
        printf("hello world !\n");
        return 0;
seb$ gcc -fpie hello.c -o hello
seb$ ./hello
hello world !
seb$ gcc -pie -fpie hello.c -o hello
seb$ ./hello
Segmentation fault

> If they are up to date and you still have the problem, provide testcase
> and details on libc6, gcc and binutils versions.
> The problem was in crt1.o and related to the handling of R_PARISC_PLABEL21L
> and R_PARISC_PLABEL14R relocations.

I'll check on the glibc details. Is there any relevant name for this patch and a date ?

It's not the unexpected reloc type 0x42 ?
If yes, it's a different problem.

> Dave
> -- 
> J. David Anglin                                  dave.anglin@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
> National Research Council of Canada              (613) 990-0752 (FAX: 952-6602)

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