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[D-I] Updating kernel udebs to 2.6.20

Hello D-I porters,

Most architectures should now be able to switch to 2.6.20 for D-I (except 
for arm, hppa and m68k). i386 and amd64 have already been switched.

Over the past two weeks Joey has done the needed work for i386 and amd64 
(and necessary updates in kernel-wedge), but we've waited with this call 
until #419458 was resolved (which it was in 2.6.20-3).

As this is a fairly big jump (2.6.18 to 2.6.20), please check carefully 
for new modules that should be included in the udebs. If any updates in 
kernel-wedge are needed, please let us know (or do them yourself).
I suggest that you check the kernel-wedge changelog for an overview of the 
changes made there.

Please also check pending changes already committed in SVN by Joey or me.

Note that although new PATA modules were added in kernel-wedge, most of 
these are not actually available yet in the kernel as a result of 

After you upload the new linux-kernel-* package, I will make sure that the 
linux-modules-* (loop-aes modules) will also be uploaded for your 

For mips(el):
In input-modules for bcm* kernels, usbmouse is currently included. AFAIK 
that module should not be needed and that module could be removed.


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