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[D-I] Question about setting up palo/ext2 boot partition

We've had several suggestions to combine the palo partition and the boot 
partition on HPPA.

The first thing that was needed for that is support in partman-palo to 
format the partition as ext2 or ext3 while reserving some area for the 
palo boot information. I have created a patch that does that. It needs 
some finishing touches, but the basic functionality is there.

I next looked into installing palo on that partition, but that is where 
things become problematic.

The normal order in D-I is:
- create, format and mount partitions
- install base system
- install kernel
- install bootloader

I can now do the first 3 steps with /boot mounted on the palo partition.
At step 4 I run into a problem:
- it is not possible to run palo on a mounted partition
- if I unmount it and run it without '--format-as=2', the existing
  ext2 file system is lost
- if I unmount it and run it with '--format-as=2', the partition is
  formatted again and existing data is lost too

It appears that the -U option was intended for this use case, but that has 
been disabled and looks to be abandoned.

A work around where the kernel etc. are only copied to /boot after running 
palo seems too much of a hack to me and would still leave users in a spot 
if they'd ever want/need to rerun palo.

Comments/suggestions welcome.


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