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Antwort: access to hppa machine

Hi Joachim,

I have a 712/80 online - would that be sufficient? It runs as a webserver and unfortunately, there is not much room left on the hard disk (it's only a 2 GB, I'm afraid). If you want to, I can give you
access to that for a while.

Best Regards,

Jens Konrad

Joachim Reichel <joachim.reichel@gmx.de> schrieb am 24.01.2007 10:15:25:

> Hi,
> I would like to investigate #404464. Is there someone willing to give me
> access to a hppa machine? I'm not a DD (so I can't use any official hppa
> porter machines), but my key 153FF940 is signed by a DD.
> Thanks,
>    Joachim
> P.S.: Please CC: me on replies.
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