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Re: c8000 with linux hppa debian 3.1 or so

On 7/6/06, hans-peter demus <hpd@demus.de> wrote:
Hello !

i would like to know: was anybody was able to install linux
hppa on HP workstation c8000 ? it would have the pa8900 cpu
and the zx1 chipset and the ATI FireGL T1 AGP video card.

in the http://www.pateam.org/list.html

> 785/C3800     X       64      C8000 suffers most of the PA8800/PA8900 currently under investigation, (see rp3440), so we can't really tell it works. Besides we didn't receive feedback about it yet.

> 800/rp3440    X       64      Tested here! Running two CPUs (4 cores) is currently very buggy on that box, but it behaves a bit better

there may be a typo error ...  it is running to the prompt with serial
console ?? there is an orange "X" i don't know (not red) ??....

pa8800/pa8900 doesn't really work at the moment. It randomly
segfaults. As it is said, these issues are being worked on, but right
now we cannot claim that pa8800/pa8900 work, hence the orange 'X': it
doesn't really work, yet it does boot ;)


Thibaut VARENE

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