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Re: firmware update

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 09:34:20PM -0400, Brad Bobak wrote:
> Hi.. If I do a firmware update (on a hp c180) will I
> be able to use non-hp pci cards (specifically a faster
> nic)?

firmware update should not change anything related to
PCI devices _besides_ graphics cards _OR_ if you have
one of the "old dino" machines that exhibited data
corruption (only some HP gfx cards were allowed on those boxes).
The latest firmware will enforce that restriction by
not booting if a PCI device is installed in such a box.
parisc-linux prints this at start up if you _might_ have such
a system:
	The GSCtoPCI (Dino hrev 1) bus converter found may exhibit
	data corruption.  See Service Note Numbers: A4190A-01, A4191A-01.
	Systems shipped after Aug 20, 1997 will not exhibit this problem.
	Models affected: C180, C160, C160L, B160L, and B132L workstations.

Please locate/read the service notes in order to determine
what you'd like to do.

>  If not, does anyoone know of a list of supported nics
> that I can use?

You can use most NICs. tulip, eepro100, e1000, acenic, tg3
and several others are known to work on parisc-linux.
However, only expect to boot from NICs with IODC (parisc
firmware) support (e.g. tulip).


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