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Re: debian on HP9000 class K100

Thibaut VARENE wrote:

On 6/10/06, julien leveugle <julien.lev@free.fr> wrote:

I would like to install a debian 3.1r1 on a HP9000 class K100. Do you think that it is possible? Has somebody ever tried that and could give me some advice about
this experience?

http://www.pateam.org/list.html shows it's been supported for ages. It
should install pretty much as any other hppa machine, provided you
follow the installation instructions. Please also make sure to read
the errata.

I tried that with 3.0 a year ago but wasn't able to install it. There is the usual ramdisk bug (8MB too less) but this was no problem.
The kernel panicked while in the first stages of booting.
I had 128MB ram which should be more than sufficient.


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