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stable kernel help

As of yesterday, all four production hppa machines I know of are no
longer running sarge's kernel, due to its instability.

This sucks, of course, because there is no kernel for hppa users to
use that has guaranteed security support.  And, because of the initrd
changes in etch, our users can't easily pull in an etch/sid kernel
onto a sarge system without a number of userspace changes.

If there are localized fixes that are known to increase the stability
of debian-hppa's 2.6.8, please send them my way.  I'd love to try to
get those added into a sarge point release.  Otherwise, I think we
should not recommend sarge for hppa users.  And, since the 2.6.15
kernel oopses on boot when udevd starts up, we can't really recommend
that either until 2.6.16 creeps in.

dann frazier

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