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represent UK IMPORT CORPORATION based in England which deals on mechanical equipment,  minerals, electrical products, Medical goods & Chemicals, light industrial products and office equipment and we have a marketing quota for the year to meet. For this we are recruiting representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in Europe and North America as well as making payments through you as our payment officer. It is upon this note that we seek your assistance to stand as our representative in your country.Note that, as our representative, you will receive 10% of whatever amount you receive on behalf of our company and the balance you will be instructed on proceedings to come. We look forward to expanding worldwide before the year 2007 and do hope you could be part of the company's development. Please, to facilitate the conclusion of this transaction if accepted, do send promptly via email the basic requirements provided underneath to commence registration processes:

(1) Your full names,
(2) Contact address and,
(3) Phone/fax numbers.

Thank you for your time.
Mr. Paul Elliot
You can Reply me back to (paulelliotcompany@yahoo.co.uk)

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