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booting c180

hi,I'm trying to install the latest debian(3.1) on an
older hp c180 server..
 I get to the main menu:

Main Menu: Enter command > path con

  Console path:         SERIAL_1.9600.8.none

Main Menu: Enter command > bo p2
Interact with IPL (Y, N, Q)?> y

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 153

HARD Booted.
palo ipl 1.5 root@c3k Fri May 14 16:17:38 MDT 2004

Boot image contains:
    0/vmlinux32 4319117 bytes @ 0xe51000
    0/vmlinux64 5820539 bytes @ 0x8c3800
    0/ramdisk 6233937 bytes @ 0x2c8800

Information: No console specified on kernel command
line. This is normal.
PALO will choose the console currently used by
firmware (serial).Current comman:
0/vmlinux root=/dev/ram initrd=0/ramdisk
ramdisk_size=16384 init=/linuxrc conso2
 0: 0/vmlinux
 1: root=/dev/ram
 2: initrd=0/ramdisk
 3: ramdisk_size=16384
 4: init=/linuxrc
 5: console=ttyS0
 6: TERM=vt102

<#>    edit the numbered field
'b'    boot with this command line
'r'    restore command line
'l'    list dir
? b

Branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000.  If this
is the last
message you see, you may need to switch your console. 
This is
a common symptom -- search the FAQ and mailing list at

And that is the last message that I see.. any ideas on
how to fix this?

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