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Re: Bug#364231: [parisc-linux] Re: Bug#364231: exception catching

[should we drop parisc-linux?]

John David Anglin writes:
> > Er, no; we're talking about official Debian packages here, and the
> > libstdc++.so.6 in Debian is now from gcc-4.1.  The problem is precisely that
> > GMP *is* being built using gcc-4.0, but libstdc++ is from gcc-4.1, resulting
> > in the double libgcc_s problem.
> Then, you must build *eveything* for hppa with gcc-4.1 or later.
> Unfortunately, there's an ABI break.  Mixing libraries compiled with
> 4.0 or earlier with libraries compiled with 4.1 or later is just going
> to cause unnecessary problems.   3.3 uses libstdc++.so.5, so you
> avoid the double libgcc_s problem building GMP.  However, you still
> have the ABI change affecting the passing and return of complex types.
> At a fundamental level, libstdc++.so.6, libgfortran.so.1.0.0 and any
> other gcc libraries built with 4.1 or later need glibc built with 4.1
> to function correctly because of the various complex functions in
> the math library.
> I think there's a dynamic loader bug here as well.  I'm just
> guessing but I think the double libgcc_s problem causes a problem
> with the handling of .eh_frame data.

Ok, coming back to the question of the system compiler on hppa for
etch. Assuming that hppa does want to do that:

- is glibc buildable with gcc-4.1 on hppa?
- libstdc++6 would need to conflict with libgcc2, which seems to be
  doable, but then rules out g++-3.4 and g++-4.0 as a fallback
  solution, where g++-4.1 fails.
- libgfortran did have a soname change, so nothing needs to be done.
- is libffi hit by the ABI change as well?


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