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Re: GCC 4.1 in experimental / GCC for etch

[I have done s/ports/hppa/ in the Cc: list]

Randolph Chung a écrit :
For hppa, the glibc builds well with gcc 4.0, but create problem with
python/perl. It still has to be investigated.

Can you explain what the problems are (or at least the symptoms) so that
we can look into them? Are there any bugs filed on this?

Oh yes, sorry that I haven't given that much information.

The problem is that when using a glibc built with gcc-4.0, python and perl fail to build from source. The problem probably appear in other packages, but it has been detected only there because glibc build with gcc-4.0 on hppa didn't stay long in unstable.

The problem has been reported as bug#326581, which has been closed since then, as the change back to gcc-3.4 fixed the problem. You can find build logs of the problem:

If you want to debug it, you can use the glibc available on:

It's exactly the same as the current one in unstable, except that it is built with gcc-4.0.

I have also put a testcase using perl, actually it is one of the testcases that fails in the perl testsuite:

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