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Re: Bug#353480: yaird: [hppa] /dev/sd* device nodes not created and eth0 not enabled

On Saturday 18 February 2006 22:02, Frans Pop wrote:
> After a new installation on hppa, the system seemed to boot correctly,
> but failed to mount /boot and /home directories. Also the eth0 network
> interface was not brought up automatically.
> If I create the initrd using initramfs-tools these problems do not
> occur.

This was on a J5600. Has anyone seen these same problems?

In light of this, I would suggest using initramfs-tools instead of yaird 
by default for new installations (which is already the case for other 
Any reasons not to make that switch?

If there are no objections I would like to make this switch before the 
Beta2 release of Debian Installer, which is planned for March 1, so the 
switch would have to be made very soon.

Frans Pop
(partially speaking with his D-I release manager hat on)

(note: yaird maintainer has reassigned the BR to udev)

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