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Kernel panic instaling on C200

Instaling from CD  on a c200 visualize, i get this error during the
partitioning fase of instalation:
"Kernel panic: drivers/parisc/ccio-dma.c: ccio_alloc_range() I/O MMU is out
The panik apear after selecting partitions configuration,when writing
partitions to disks.
The disks subsistems are ok. I have succesfuly installed HP-UX on it.
The install cd is 3.1r1, burned last week wrom a jigdo image.
I plan to use 2 disk drive, but i have also tried to install with only 1
disk drive ( teh one on wich i have succesfuly installed HP-UX).
I have no graphic hardware. I am installing fron console on serial port 1.

¿Any idea? 

   Alvaro Consuegra - Zaragoza (Spain [EU]) 
   Consultor T.I. MCSE
   email: alvaro@acopen.com
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