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Re: Debian for 785/C3700 doesn't work out-of-box; have workaround

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 04:40:21PM -0700, Tyler T wrote:
> On my 785/C3700 I tried with three different CDs, including the
> netinst and the business card CD images. They all do the same thing,
> crash horribly after trying to load the RAMDISK image. It looks like
> the default RAMDISK size is not big enough,

Sorry - this is a known problem:

> below. I fixed the issue by answering 'y'es to interact with the IPL,
> and then I increased the ramdisk_size= option from 16384 to 65536. I
> am now currently installing Debian so we'll see how things go from
> here, but I think that solved the issue.

It should.

thanks for posting the issue,

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