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Re: qt-x11-free build fails

Grant, thank you for your work to date on this bug.  (BTW, it would be
helpful if you would follow up to bug #342545 on libgcc2, instead of bug
#341675 which is filed against just one of the many packages affected by

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem from the bug log as though much progress is
being made towards a resolution.  At this point, the KDE transition has
been completed in testing for all architectures, with the exception of hppa
as a result of this bug.  The release team is already moving on to other
transitions that need to happen for etch, including another round of
dbus-related KDE changes.

This is a release-critical bug, and it is impacting hppa's ability to keep
up with etch at large, extending even to such core packages as aptitude
(build-depends on cppunit; now uninstallable in testing on hppa).  Is there
progress being made on this bug that's not shown in the bug log, or do we
need to consider dropping hppa from the list of etch release archs at this

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