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saods9 build failure (tcl8.4 related)

Steve Langasek on IRC noted that tcl8.4 was b0rked on hppa, accounting
for the recent build failure:


Compiling with tcl8.3 would apparently solve this issue, and also
close #304804: "Crashes when run against a threaded TCL library".  I
succeeded in creating a patch to compile with tcl8.3, but then there
is a runtime error "Have: tcl8.3; need: tcl8.4".  I believe this is
due to (at least) libtk-img Depends: tcl8.4.  So using tcl8.3 is not a
possibility for this package (assuming I continue to link against
Debian's shared libraries, and not statically link against a copy in
DS9 source tree).

Could someone let me know what my options are?  Curiously, the 3.0.3-1
build succeeded:


Even though it also calls $tclsh makemake.tcl >Makefile

I think the best option might be to request a P-A-S entry !hppa (and
make the associated Architechure: update).  Does anyone agree?

Please Cc me.


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