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Re: dpkg-scanpackages - where is it?

On Sun, Oct 30, 2005 at 10:42:37PM -0800, Ou Phrontis wrote:
> Hi,
> Trying to install a deb file with
> dkpg-scanpackages ./ /dev/null |gzip -c -9 > packages.gz
> I don't have dkpg-scanpackages but I have dkpg?
> I do an apt-get install dkpg
> and get I already have the newest version.
> So is dkpy-scanpackages inside another package?
> how would I find it?
> Of course it is just there on my i386 install.
> Running debian 3.1 on a b2600  2.6.8-2-64
> Thanks for any insight, suggestions, links

richard@beast:/mnt/parisc$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages
dpkg-dev: /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages

So dpkg-scanpackages is provided by dpkg-dev.  dpkg-scanpackages isn't
used to "install a deb file", but I assume you know what you meant :)


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