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Re: 32bit chroot

Grant Grundler wrote:


Finally, I am trying to install an 32b app. that installs
on fedora core for the amd oteron.  This is 32_64, or again is it a
architecture issue?
A personal tips: I install on a i386 a pci serial mux to build some kind of console concentrator. This is actualy an equinox mux for which the linux driver is kindly available as rpm module on the equinox web site ;^). As I didn't want to rebuild a deb package from scratch, I choose to rebuild the orginal rpm pkg with rpm (available in debian too :^) ) then build a deb pakage format with alien which I can install successfully with dpkg (just need a small hack to put rc script at the right place).

That works fine too on hppa, may be could you test the method at a first glance on your box with your target pakage ?


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