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Re: 720 bootup problem

On Friday 16 September 2005 20:37, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> The problem is that the ramdisk is more than 16MB.  So we need to pass
> the kernel parameter 'ramdisk_size=32768'.  I don't know where this
> needs to be done, but presume someone working on d-i would know that.

I very much appreciate the vote of confidence, but in reality we rely on 
porters (or at least people who know a lot more and care about a port) 
for stuff like this.

If porters are not involved in d-i, you will see support degenerate very 
fast. The minimum help we need is people doing regular installation tests 
and telling us when there are regressions.
We also very, very often need help maintaining port-specific stuff, like 
in this case.

There is no way 3 people (the "d-i core developers", of who only one even 
has a hppa box) are going to support 12 architectures and all their 
subarchitectures in full.

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