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New ghc6 needs manual bootstrapping for C++ ABI/libgmp3 transition.


Because of the C++ ABI transition, ghc6 needs to be rebuild
against the new libgmp3c2.  This however requires a manual
bootstrap because all build dependencies can't be installed.
We're however lucky that the old and new libgmp3 are compatible
and nothing is using any C++.  This allows an easy workaround.

I'm still looking for people who want to build it on one of the
following arches: hppa, ia64, powerpc and s390.

To build it, follow the instruction in

PS: The build dependency on libgmp3-dev should have been
>= 4.1.4-7, 4.1.4-10 is currently the latest in sid and available
on all arches.


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