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Re: kernel htmldocs partialy failed?

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 06:15:00PM +0200, tsd78163 wrote:
> Just looking to build the kernel doc (htmldoc to be accurate) of the latest
> parisc-linux cvs kernel 2.6.13-pa0, I fist install xmlto dpkg then after my usual:
> with following warnings and errors:
> Warning(/CAD/linux-2.6.13-pa0-20050829/kernel/sched.c:1495): No description
> found for parameter 'rq'

AFAICT, none of the warnings are hppa specific.
I expect patches to fix the warnings would be welcome about now
for 2.6.14-rc releases. kernel-janitors mailing list is probably
a good place to submit those patches:

> Use of uninitialized value in join or string at
> /CAD/linux-2.6.13-pa0-20050829/scripts/kernel-doc line 369, <IN> line 698.

I suspect this warning is occurring as a result of misformatted
docbook comments in the C code. "<IN> line xxx" is the input file.
I have no idea how to correlate them though.

> Error(/CAD/linux-2.6.13-pa0-20050829/include/sound/pcm.h:914): cannot
> understand prototype: ''

This is a bug in kernel-doc script I think.
Here is the offending line from pcm.h:
/* int snd_pcm_format_cpu_endian(snd_pcm_format_t format); */

> My debian install is an unstable and having no more testing one, I would
> like to know if it's pb linked to my install or is it a upstream known pb?

It's clearly a set of upstream problems.
I have no idea if it's "known".
My advice is to check on kernel-janitors mailing list.


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