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Hi all

I have a HP B2000 which has a built in FXe GFX card.
I read already that here http://www.parisc-linux.org/faq/graphics-howto.html that FXe card is not supported by Xfree86, but I can use cards from different vendors.

I have putted in an PCI ATI card (26VT4 Mach64) but it won't work, because the built in card is used at the boot and in text mode.

I thought that mybe at the start of the X server it will change between the cards, but not it won't.
There is maybe an other problem is that I can not find modules for that card, I am using Debian sarge 3.1 default kernel.

What is the easiest way to bring X to work? How can I bring the PCI card to life?
Where can I find more informations?


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