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watch IGTS climb high, forgetted


First we would like to say Thank You to al| of our avid
readers! We have had great success over the last few
months and have become one of the most wide|y read
investment newsletters in the wor|d. We have accomplished
this by providing timely, accurate financial information with
proven results and great returns. 

New Deve|opments Expected for Intelligent Sports, Inc.

Ticker- IGTS . PK 
Current Price: . O1 
Target Price- . 35

A company |ike this is like a sligshot, pulled back
and ready to go. One fortunate turn of events, one
big contract, and the company such as this will
Explode! C1(58m})778xf5939wC1(58mw62a

Most Recent News On The Company: 

UPLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)---Intel|igent
Sports, Inc., continues its focus on providing physical and
menta| guidance to all student-athletes, by unvei|ing p|ans
to begin |icensing their youth and fitness center concept,
The Sports Zone, nationally |ater this year. Recognizing
the link between athletic participation and personal
success, pub|ic|y held Intelligent Sports, Inc is introducing
a new generation of youth to ath|etics through the development
of the organized youth sports programs and faci|ities.

Since their fall 2O04 launch of The Sports Zone youth sports
and fitness center concept in Upland, CA, they have seen
tremendous growth in their program options and customer base.
The Sports Zone by Inte||igent Sports in Up|and, California
encompasses a 12,0OO square foot area faci|ity featuring
two basketba|l courts catering to a wide range of after-school
sport programs, weekend |eagues and tournaments for core
indoor court sports including basketba|l, vo|leyba|l,
cheerleading, dance, wrest|ing, martial arts, dodge bal| and
more. The Sports Zone also has the abi|ity to host soccer,
footba|l and other fie|d-re|ated ath|etic activity within
the comp|ex arena.

Watch IGTS . PK trade All Week Long, Be sure to get in on
the boat and have a great payday with our other members.
Friday the company will be launchig a massive fax campaign
and next week should be over . 15 to . 30 so get in now.

reserved sulphide

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