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Re: [parisc-linux] Setting up IDE CD-ROM on HPPA B2000

On 05/07/05, J. L. Lee <jllee@singnet.com.sg> wrote:
> ps. Any downside in setting up IDE CD-ROM as IDE-SCSI CD-ROM?

Yes, DMA  is not supported in ide-scsi.
That means slower transfer rates (around 3MB/s) and higher CPU load.
If you are burning CDs/DVDs this means that it is more likely that
you will have buffer underruns and it limits how fast you can burn your CDs.

However ide-scsi used to have better error detection & reporting,
but I think in the last couple of months ide-cd has caught up with
ide-scsi in that repect.

Since it seems that DMA support is broken with the ns87415 IDE chipset
driver anyway it doesn't really matter whether we use ide-scsi or ide-cd
I guess.

> pps. You might see the following msg but I believe it is harmless:
> modprobe -k ide-mod options="hda=ide-scsi"
> FATAL: Module ide_mod not found.

This is because it tries to load the generic IDE driver as a module, but
you have compiled it into the kernel statically.
This is indeed harmless.

> pps. You might also see the following msg: (Does 'deprecated for cd
> burning' msg mean that we can burn CDs if we have a CD/RW drive?)

Yes, you (still) can, but it is not recommended.
cdrecord works fine for me (as root, the usual linux >2.6.8 problem).


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