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Struggling with Debian install on C3000/785

	My second go with Debian so I'm quite new at this!
	I've had A system up and running, but it's not quite right!

1) I have a HPA4553A (FX4) Graphic card, which does not appear to be

Could somebody recommend a good PCI card which would fit in this
64-Bit PCI Slot, and which is supported under Debian.

I have been able to get "Woody" working using the serial console, but
I want this machine as a desktop development tool, not a server!

2) If I choose to "interact with IPL" I am not able to proceed to boot
using the "b" command. Er, NOTHING happens except it displays


This is Important on the "Sarge release" since I need to big-up the
ramdisk_size, or it barfs ! It seems to be  a known problem, but is
this reported as a bug ?

So Is PALO broken on this machine? Why does "b" not boot ?

3) The Install chooses a 32-bit kernel by default. How can I force the
install to choose a 64-bit Kernel? I want to use all my bits!!



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