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HP-PA Install problems!

Hi all,
	I've just acquired a C3000/785 Visualize workstation, and have
been attempting to get Debian to run on it.

I've come across a few problems, which I'm sure somebody would be able
to advise on.

I't looks like I need to use the Serial Console, as tha graphic
console complains.

Ive tried the "Sarge" distribution, but the Install RamDisk is too
small, and it fails.
Following advice in this list...
I've tried the ramdisk_size=32768, via ISL, but I find am unable to
boot from ISL, by issuing a 'b' command. ????? 

Ok, so back to the "Woody" distribution.

This appears to go well, until I suggest to load from cdrom, as the
CD-Rom is not found. Perhaps this is because I have an IDE CD-Rom on
this system ???

Anyway I have a network connection, so I chose to install via FTP.
Nothing much configured yet but it's now bootable.

BTW I installed the "Sarge" distribution on a DEC Alpha and it went
without a hitch.


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