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buildd problem: lablgtk2/ocaml stalled because of wrong build-dep assumption


I would like to ask that the hppa and ia64 buildd's (don't seem to be able to
find a direct address for the buildd maintainers :/), could have a look at the
lablgtk and lablgtk2 packages, and retrigger a build.

On hppa, lablgtk2 is wrongly waiting for ocaml-3.08.3, which is provided by
the ocaml package, and on ia64 lablgtk2 is marked as building since a couple
of days, so there must be something going on with the buildd or the statistics
are just wrong.

I guess i will get no reply from the buildd maintainers of these until tuesday
at the latest though, which is ok, i just have time to write about this now.

There are a couple of other packages which build-dep on lablgtk2, and are
waiting for it to be built before we upload them, so it is a matter of some


Sven Luther

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