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hppa ....all distribs i could find for a hp 9000 k210

hello all
i have spent a couple weeks trying to get my brand new ..to me server up ...i have burned 25 iso's ....read every hppa post my imagination could get up..hacked and slashed /DEV AND INIT* ..RCS* AND JUST GENERALLY ..OPS CAPS... everything i can think off...which is a fair amount been hacking a few years.
Ok here is the problem...this is the image that is supposed to work with my system...2.4.18-pa46. and every one after :)...There is no debian dist. smp that doesnt crash on boot that i can download....and insult to injury that image cant be found...at least not with searches i have advailable...
ok enough rant,,,well almost...i think the newer woody dist sucks for hppa , im sure on i386 and others it fast and great ..but a woody or sarge install on a hppa is just a waste of time ..takes 3-5 mins for partman to scan and come up with a scsi list...cant mount partitions....even with priority low....im on a k-class server so im a small crowd..but so far ..my 210 and my works 460 ..im not happy with the hppa port. its sad i have to use a pa-2.4.20-pa3 iso to hack into a woody or sarge install because those dist take 20 mins to give me a partition table or a menu....?
Now that ive insulted the entire hppa development community ..here is my problem..id i do a net...cd  install of woody or sarge..not even smp..i lose my console when debian gets to init 2....i hacked into one the rc files to get a su login ..but my console only works in runlevel 1 or "S" ..i can telnet in now and play with the system..but there is a serious install or login script error on K-class or with seeing ttyB0 as console. ive been looking for days and i think because the install always breaks...no console.. that this may be a rare error on this class or an unaddressed one..I'm sure its an easy fix ..but i'm not seeing it....my last best hope is to do a firmware upgrade and maybe firmware map will jive with kernel's....sigh..hope i dont dead box my sys........
LOL when i get this one fixed ..gunna work the spinlock errors on smp....KERNAL PANIC....DUMP......HALT
at least if i get that far i can make my own kernel ..hehe

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