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Re: Postgresql 8.0.1

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 03:43:27PM -0500, Jim Buttafuoco wrote:
> my software matches yours below.  Do you think it could be the
> hardware floating point in this systems.  It is a 710 and I think is
> was made in the early 90's.  I just find is odd that 7.4.X works fine.
> Any chance you could make a deb for me to test here?  that would rule
> our my make/compile?

It has nothing to do with the software compile, it has to do with the
cpu and it's ability to execute the required instructions in hardware.

Even if I were to give you a deb of postgresql the problems would still
exist on your hardware. You need to figure out why those tests fail on
*your* hardware.

Either that, or I need to test on much older hardware :)


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