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Re: PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO: 2.4 -> 2.6

> On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 02:05:45PM -0500, Harry Cochran wrote:
> > 8.1 Check your 2.4 partition scheme
> > 
> > It is relatively easy to set up a partition scheme that will
"work" for
> > a while, but then stop working when root starts to fill up. For
> This was due to using an incorrect partition scheme in the first
> I'm not sure that this belongs in a HOWTO that explains how to
> from 2.4 to 2.6.

That issue is clearly mentionned in the PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO
already (maybe with a poor wording though, I'll fix that in the next

"Beware ! Your vmlinux has also to be located within the first 2GB of
the hard disk. We strongly recommend to create a separated /boot
partition at the front of the disk if your '/' is bigger than that,
because if ever your vmlinux goes above the first 2GB of the disk
(like when filling up '/' with data), the box won't boot anymore."

As for the upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6, it doesn't belong to that howto
per se if you are only considering the Debian kernels. This HOWTO is
not a "Use Debian On A PA-RISC Machine HOWTO". That said, there are a
few things that could be interesting to have in the howto wrt kernel
upgrade (especially the SCSI disks naming change, and a few new
features) that I'll probably add somewhere in appendix.

> Documentation explaining how to use the palo partition as the /boot
> partition seems worth having, but it's surely a separate issue.
> > I'm the conservative type, so I don't load from "testing". At the
> > of this writing, the 2.6 kernels in "unstable" are 2.6.8-2-32,
> > 2.6.8-2-32-smp, 2.6.8-2-64 and 2.6.8-2-64-smp.
> I don't get this -- testing is safer than unstable.

Yeah. Maybe someone needs to RTFM:


Thibaut VARENE
PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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