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NIC & "searching for devices"


	I have two problems I'm hoping to get help with:

1. I need to add a NIC to my C3600. I discovered that there is no driver for
the 3COM 3C905C and I don't recognize the drivers that are there. Could
someone please tell me if there is a driver I can download for the 3C905C
(the 3COM site has a "Linux" driver, but it's only for x86 platforms), or
alternatively, what's the best 10/100 NIC I can buy and put in for which
there is a Debian hppa driver.

2. I upgraded my J6000 to 2.4.27 and added usb support. Now when I boot it
gets to "Page-cache table entries ..." and then says "Searching for Devices"
and says "Searching for Devices". This never times out ... it just sits
there. I did get the machine to boot by adding an EG-PCI and a usb keyboard
(it automatically went to pa con Graphics(3)), but the graphics are screwy
(color dummy paints the right half of the screen with the boot lines and it
dies somewhere along the way that isn't readable). I did get it to boot by
brining it up in graphics mode, putting it into serial mode (pa con
Serial_1) and then booting, but now when I boot again in serial mode with no
keyboard and monitor attached, it says "Searching for Devices" again. I
would like to get back to the point where it would just boot in serial
console mode.

Any help would be appreciated.



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