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Re: 712/60 bootp/dhcp network boot problem

"Larry Crouch" writes...
> I loaded dhcp and bootp packages on HP5. I want to use it as the boot

BTW bootp is an early version of the dhcp protocol and most dhcp servers can 
support it. So you only need one installed and having more might be confusing 
things. I recommend the dhcp3-server package.

> server. Using Ethereal on the windows computer I can see HP4 broadcasting
> it's bootp request. There are no replies.
> Here is the relavant inetd.conf file:
> tftp dgram udp wait nobody /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /boot
> bootps dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/bootpd bootpd bootptab
> Here is the bootptab file:
> .default:\
> :hd=/boot:bf=lifimage:\
> :sm=\
> :td=/boot:\
> .bs=21692:
> hp5:ip=
> hp4:ip=

As I said above I think you should switch to a dhcp server.

> In the /boot directory I have the lifimage file which is 11,106,304 bytes
> (21,692 for the length parameter).

The size shouldn't be needed.

> What am I missing?

After switching to a dhcp server,
Try testing that each service is working:
for dhcp check the server log for the request and offer
for tftpd, you can use the tftp client (either on the server or on
  another machine) to test that you can grab the lifimage.

and of course read the howto that Thibaut pointed to.

Matt Taggart

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