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X11 doesn't work

Although I am familiar with Debian I am new to hppa.  I have installed
Sarge on my visualize but I cannot startx.  I had a look through my
installed lists and it appears the xserver can be installed with
xserver-common.  This asks a series of q's about the hardware.  I had a
look in 'dmesg' and /proc/pci and have seen the monitor is recognised as
a lcd device, even though it is a 21" sgi.  The graphics is A4977A
vusualize EG.  Not an option, should I use vga?

Normally I would boot onto the Knoppix cd and cp /etc/X11/config-4 to my
hard disc.  But I no longer have this facility.  Also, my mouse and kb
are usb which is not an option in the xserver setup.

How do I go about installing and configuring/running X?

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